Randy Hall Won Grammy Award with Miles Davis for “The Man With the Horn” – Music Available on Spotify
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Music legends Miles Davis and Randy Hall won a Grammy in 1981 for Miles Davis’ album, “The Man With The Horn” for Best Jazz Instrumental. You can listen to the classic album on all streaming services, including Spotify.

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How did the collaboration between Davis and Hall start? Before working with Davis, Hall was apart the band AL7. Miles Davis's record label, Columbia Records, flew four of the AL7 band members – including Hall - from Chicago to New York City, booked them on a top-flight hotel and arranged recording sessions. The musicians worked on the music at Miles's house and in the studio non-stop and recorded over a dozen tracks. This is where "The Man With The Horn” was born.

The song is a tribute ballad to Miles written by Hall and Irving (a member of AL7), which became the title track for Davis's comeback album. Randy Hall not only helped with the production of the song; he played guitar, synthesizer and celeste on the track as well. The record was so good it won a Grammy for Best Jazz Instrumental. The release of The Man With the Horn gave Hall a lot of exposure and as a result of his singing on the title track, he was invited to join the soul/funk band Pleasure. Davis and Hall still keep in touch today; sometimes Davis asks Hall to compose songs for him.

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