New Jersey Hall of Fame Inductee Tommy James Shares Inspiring Song on YouTube Series “Arete”
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Just last week, New Jersey Hall of Fame Inductee Tommy James was featured on the NJ Hall of Fame YouTube Series “Arete.” His current single “Draggin’ The Line”, a remake of his hit classic featuring T.O.N.E-z and Steven VanZandt is ripping it up on Spotify. In the NJ Hall of Fame video, James gives advice to viewers to stay strong and shares a song he wrote “a very long time ago about tough times and hope for the future.”

Watch NJ Hall of Fame “Arete” Video Series: Tommy James Here!

Listen on Spotify at: Draggin’ the Line -2020 version

The prestigious New Jersey Hall of Fame inducted Tommy and his life-sized Hologram can be viewed at the NJHOF Exhibit at Newark Airport, New Jersey at terminal C. He was also given the Pittsburgh Legend award and was voted the Jukebox Artist of the Year award by The Amusement and Music Owners Association of New York.

Tommy James is celebrated not only as a singer/songwriter with his band The Shondells in the 1960s, but also as a producer of smash hits “Crimson and Clover,” “Mony Mony,” and “Crystal Blue Persuasion.” Over the past fifty years in the industry, he has sold millions of records. Tommy now has his own show on SIRIUS/XM RADIO – “Getting’ Together With Tommy James” – Sunday evenings from 5-8 pm on the 60’s at 6 channel.

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