New Ion Technology
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Our company is the only manufacturer of ionic cellulose(wood-based sustainable)fiber that is used to make many different functional textile products. Like Towels, that are perfect for camping, soldiers, and use around any home, gym, or athletic club. They clean themselves with only water. My wife and I have used ths same towel for 4 months now and everytime the towel completely dries it returns to its original smell. What happens is that the ions travel in the fiber cleaning the towel. We also have socks that are made the same way, underwear, T-shirts, kitchen towels. These ions are extreme against MRSA, yeast, E-coli and many other bacteria. They are not availabe yet in stores and all we have to sell at this time are proven effective samples. The reason I wrote this is because soldiers are not happy with military issue backpacks and developing back problems as a result. Many soldiers we have talked to carry 40 pounds or more and much of it is clothing and towels, this weight could be greatly cut down by using our towels, socks, underwear and T-shirts. We can sell samples but are limited in supply. Answer this blog and we will do what we can for our soldiers that are interested. We are presently in discusstions with military procurement management, but as the military goes it might be years before any truely sustainable products make it into the hands of the soldiers who really can use this beneficial technology.