Mnemonics, Remember Magnitude of Stars in Order.
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Mnemonic to Remember the First 16 Brightest Stars.
May 13, 2012.

By: Tim Johnson.

Mnemonics are methods that are used to aid memory by associating a "device" which may be a symbol, word, picture, sound, rhyme etc. with information. Then using the device to recall the information.

Using a pre-memorized set of symbols and associating the stars with the symbols, you can recall the stars and their order by "cueing" a star with a symbol.

I will show you a technique in mnemonics using a set of symbols to memorize the magnitude of 16 stars in order of brightness.

The webpage above is an example of how to use these symbols for memorizing information. Any information can be used with the symbols. The table on the right (website) will also help to you organize the symbols.

If done properly you should be able to recall the stars from the lower magnitude star to the higher magnitude star or the opposite.

Try this technique to memorize other things in astronomy such as constellations, size of stars.

Visit: Mnemonics Online for more information on the Mnemonic Character Set. TIM
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Great! It is easier to remember a certain things when used with images or symbols especially to those people whose right brain are more dominant.