Mnemonic for Planets in the Solar System
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Using Mnemonic Peg System to Remember the Planets
May 10, 2012.
By: Tim Johnson

What is mnemonic peg system?

Mnemonic peg system is a technique in mnemonics used to aid memory by using a pre-memorized (pre-organized) list of symbols, words, pictures, sounds, etc.

Using a pre-memorized set of symbols and associating the planets in the solar system with them. You can recall the planets by "cueing" a planet with a symbol.

I will show you a technique in peg system using symbols to memorize the 11 planets.

The webpage above is an example of how to use these symbols for memorizing. The table on the right (website) will also help to organize the symbols.

I have been using this technique for over 20 years. Memorizing information such as Amino Acids, Reactivity Series are much easier to recall and can be easily re-established when recall becomes fragmented. (The connections between old information LTM and conscious mind decrease as time goes by if the information is not used frequently.) Using symbols like this you can restore the information in 2 0r 3 retrials. TIM