Michael Colyar, Laz and Cat, Jane Smith and Randy Wilson Top The Top 10 Download Recommendations For
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Taylor Spears September Download Recommendations include the Jane Smith band, Laz and Cat, Michael Colyar, and Randy Wilson.

Check out Jane Smith’s single “See The Truth,” Laz and Cat’s single “Swagger Dance,” Michael Colyar’s album “Greatest Hits And The Great Unknowns, ” and Randy Wilson’s album “Up Close And Personal.

Now that summer is almost over, things are picking up again and getting stressfull. The kids are back in school, there’s deadlines to be made and soccer practices to attend. There’s not as much time for yourself as there should be. Maybe you are coming back from that unforgettable vacation and dreading that work week that’s now just around the corner. You can’t escape the everyday grind, but you can still have fun and escape into your music. Thats why this month I have recommended albums that will let the summer live on in your headphones and in your stereos.

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