Infinity and agnosticism
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In terms of infinity anything is possible. This leaves us a boundless area to speculate upon and no room for the varying degrees of probability provided by the scientific method.
Beyond our cognitive experience one might intuit a vast multitude of possibilities existing in ways inconceivable to our accrued way of percieving the Universe.
Where or if "we" might or might not fit in is highly contentious.
One can ponder these things without any adoption of religious dogmas; that is to say perhaps in an existential manner.
Our secular world of miniscule dimension sits rather uncomfortably upon scientific "facts"
If a chink of light faintly illuminates our areas of 'real knowledge' we can simply ponder relevant to esoteric possibilities and questions of truth and spirituality.
Is it really worth it? What may lie beyond our vale of consciousness,if anything, and wherin lies the bona fides of any potential numinous entity.
We can be snugly compartmentalised within smug science or even smugger religious convictions...or look to synthesis