Increase the cycle speed of a hydraulic ram.
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I need to speed up the out and in speed of a 6" ram with a 20" stroke 2" shaft. I was told if I increased the size of the hose from the pump to the valve, and from the valve to the tank from 1/2" to 3/4" that it would increase the ram speed. The valve has a 3/4" input and return, and the outputs to the ram are 1/2". The out put fitting from the tank (pump is in the tank) is 1/2", and the return fitting to the tank is 1/2". so I would be going from 1/2" to 3/4 then back to 1/2 ". Will this really increase the volume to my ram? I would think that having 1/2" fittings on the pump would restrict the flow to what can go thru 1/2" , so am not sure how having a larger diameter hose would increase the volume, as it would be choked down before entering the hose, and again as it leaves the hose to the tank. It also looks like the ram fittings are 3/8" on each end. The pump is a Williams f98 in tank pump. it is supposed to put out 10gpm. It takes 45 seconds to extend the ram 20".