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I need some info ? on pills i m takingfor osteoperousis,and i have had a gastro bypass,and allso have hep /c,i was told by my docter o be carefull taking them if i have any pain to call him?i take the pill once a week ,and i am but i thing it maybe my ulcer ,that i have not had in over six years,this is the name of the pills i am on,take 1 tablet weekly,APO-Alendronate 70MG,requip 5mg take 2 up to 4 times a day if needed,Atenouol take 1 a day50 mg, furosemide 40mg take 1 a day,novo-rabeprazole EC 20mg take 1 a day. i allso had two surgerys on my spinal cord iin 1997 at the Toronto Western Hospital, and i am using a walker to walk with.i have lost over 160 ponds in just over a year,but now my legs swtl so bad they leck water , still trying to find out what is wrong with them, help please
Glenda Donnelly
i live in sault ste marie on,