Warrant Officer
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I am a mother and a grandmother who has seen my seven year old grand daughter for 3 years and four weeks. My grand daughter`s mother Danielle Odds has a extensive criminal record.
Her live-in boyfriend Calvin Gray is a ex-convict/repeat offender, whi has a warrant out for his arrest. I filed for my Grand Parents Rights for visitation on August 11, 2009.
The New Orleans Louisiana Civil Sheriff Deputy tried to serve her twice, only to inform me that she vacated the premises and are on the run.
They have ran form Carrollton, Ga., to New Orleans, Louisiana. My question is how do I get a Special Proceesor to serve her ?
I fear for this child`s life and safety.
Could you please help and assist me ?
Thank you
My E-mail address: Cherokeewonder26@yahoo.com