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How long is the processing for leave credits benefit?
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Good day to all of you from the Supreme Court of the Philippines. I am a daughter of an Ex- Officio Deputy Sheriff of the Province of Bukidnon. My father was dismissed from his 30 plus years of serving the Government, notwithstanding the loyalty and dedication that he has offered to the country. But life must go on, my main reason for being here is to beg for help from anyone who'll have the heart to take this into consideration. My father was not given any benefit after his dismissal as per law provided and we understand that. But the sole thing that should be accorded to him as per previous letters sent to us by this Office thru OCA was his leave credits but up to this day, February 1, 2010, we havent received even a single centavo of that benefit. My father lost his job July of 2007 so it has been 2 years and 7 months now but the leave credits due to him still isnt in his hands. We do pray that, someone with a good heart would take time to review the case of my father and perhaps help us with this concern. We have been sending letters to this office but still didnt get the benefit that was due to him. My father's name is Tyrone Valmorida Tan. PLease anyone, may God touch your good hearts and have mercy on us! Life has been a disaster to my father when he lost his job. It was our family's downfall. Not to mention the many times he went in and out of the hospital and the months that we had to go through not having anything to eat on our table. I am appealing to our respective executives, judges, anyone please help us with this. It has been 2 years already. We are not blaming anyone here, we are just asking for help...anyone, please contact me in this number 09068719563 anytime at your convenience. Maraming Salamat po and May God continue to bless this country!