Royal Academy of Music
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Hi! I`m from Sweden. And I have a big dream of comming and studying at the RAM. And just the other day I was looking across the Ram`s website looking for what do until audition and so on. And they said, that beside the theory test, you will have a practical audition playing beetween 20-40 minutes. and playing three pieces for them at least. And My question is what level of pieces are we talking about?.. I was thinking about performing The first movement of the Pathetique with L.W.Beethoven. Is that level "High" enough or should it be more advanced? And I was thinking playing some Chopin could someone give mee an exemple of a Chopin piece that is not "to" extremly hard to learn, but still considerd hard enough for the audition. I kind of had my heart set on complimenting the Pathetique and a Chopin piece with the Moonlight Sonata mov,1 with Beethoven just because i love it so much, but will that be acceptible or considerd to "easy". I know I wrote alot, and many questions. And I would apprichiate an answer so much! Tnx alot, Kris!