Hell vs. God's Mercy and Initial Mass Displacement
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If Hell exists, then God's Mercy can't exist.

NO. Hell exists only because God's Mercy exists. When an individual soul falls into the Void, the pain gets progressively worse in its eternal fall. Although Hell will not stop the pain, Hell can stop the pain from getting worse. Since each soul has Free Will, each lost soul can choose to stop at Hell or continue its fall into the Void.

If Hell exists, then its name would be found in the past.

NO. If you restrict yourself to a linear time sequence, Hell's real name and purpose will only be found in the future. Until you learn your own name and purpose, you will not learn the true name and purpose of Hell.

If Hell exists, then more should have been written about it.

NO. Hell exists and too much has been written about it. Hell is insignificant in comparison to the Eternal Adventure. Since the Lord God is the Alpha and Omega of every eternal sequence, you should trust God to correctly deal with the eternal sequence of Hell.

Hell exists.

YES. If you stand on Earth in a 3-dimensional space, you would point down toward the center of the Earth - that is direction of Hell's "wide gate" (Matthew 7:13).
For a first order delineation of the "Earth/Hell" Initial Mass Displacement, check: [http://www.FrankHatchiii.com].

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