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HI. im 13 years old and i need some help. recently i have been having some testicle /abdominal pain and i am really worried about that but that is just background info also about 3 months ago i had an appendectimy. Heres the real problem. The other day i was watching a movie with a sex scene in it and i noticed i did not get an erection. After the movie i tried masturbating but it took a while to get an erection and when i got one it was kinda floppy. Another thing is that if i took my hand of my penis i would immediately start to loose my erection at a rapid rate. The next day (today) i tried to look at some porn but the sight of porn or the thought of it did not give me an erection. It seems that only direct stimulation will cause an erection. I have never had any erection problems before and this problem happened basically overnight. I am really worried about this and about my testicle problem (which started about 2-3 before the ED problem) so i was wondering if my ED could be caused by anxiety/stress? I am a very nervous person and suffer from hypochondria. the testicle thing scared me a lot( i think/thought i had testicle cancer) so i was literally up all night worrying and doing research. I masturbate usually once every night sometimes twice. I also seem to have lost some libido but this might be cause by my worrying about my ED/testicle problem. I cant really talk to my parents about this cuz...well you know that would be REALLY weird. im scared out of my mind at the moment and i really really need some true facts/encouragement someone plz RESPOND SOON!

P.S. I noticed this problem yesterday afternoon but the day before yesterday i was getting erections fine. so this has been noticeably going on for about 1.5-2 days. I also do have a lot of school stress in my life (big workload) so maybe this could contribute?

thanx jess