Ellis dee's desire pt 1
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Im a big dance music fan i also dj and have a project studio. music wize I love oldskool hardcore 91 to 93 house music 88 to 95 and modern Breakbeat music now the point of all of this is one tune you could call it the one that got away thats right its ellis dee's tune desire pt 1 now i have desire 93 and i have desire from the ellis dee project part 4 which had rock to the max on the other side but no matter where I search be it discogs dogs on acid or trackit down I cant get my hands on desire pt1 some people dont even know it exists but if you go on to youtube type in ellis dee desire pt 1 you can all have a the point to all of this is i am wondering if anyone has a copy on 12 inch or on cd maybe you have a spare copy that you wouhd like to sell I would give you a decent price if the media was in very good or mint condition if you have friends who are oldskool dj's please ask them if you would like to email me you can reach me at I look forward to hearing from you with kind regards Rob