Ear piercing ceremony for boys
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Im krishna frm tamilnadu. Im a boy Aged 18. we r 5 membrs - Mom, dad, me, grandma, and grandpa.
I had not yet done my ears pierced. As i finishd my 10th std, my grand parents told me to arrange for my ear piercing ceremony. I dont know anything about it. so i asked my grandma abt ths. she told 'on a special day, we should go to our temple and do the worship. And take you to bath. You hav to sit on your (uncle's)mama's lap. Your head will be shaved. Now your clothes wil be removed so that u wil b a pure human. now your both ears should be pierced. you must wear ear rings for atleast 2 months.'
I strongly opposed it but they scolded me. So i agreed. They also told me to wear girl's clothes for atleast two weeks. They buy me two ney salwar kameez and get two sets of pattu paavadai(silk skirt) frm my uncle's daughter. she is 19 now. Anybody pls help me.
I cannot do my ceremony without any dress. Thr r lot of my relative are to b visited for my ceremony. had to wear churidar. I feel shy. pls help me by ur advise.