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Dear all,

My name is Doron and I'm from Israel.
I wanted to share a thought with you.

Next week I will be going to Jerusalem and visit the Western Wall.
I normally go there few times a year. Usually when I have doubts in daily life or wishes from god. I'm not Orthodox but I am a great believer.

When I told that to a Christian friend of mine from overseas about my trip, he asked if I can place a note for him at the western wall.
It’s a well known Jewish tradition to place notes with written prayers and wishes into the wall. I know that also Christian's believers including the holy Pope do it when they visit Jerusalem

My friend mailed me a handwriting note to my home address in Israel and ill put it there when I get there my self.

Would you be interested in such a service? Sending me your hand written notes with your wishes or prayers to my home address and I will make sure they are planted at the sacred wall?

I see it also as something that can bring Jews and Christians together, especially in the current situation of our world that suffers from mutual hatred.

I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

God bless you all