Cooler Music Out Now From Joe Fox and the Frantics Single Dancin’ Shoes, on Spotify and Youtube
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Joe Fox and the Frantics are starting the summer off cooler than most, with their new single, “Dancin’ Shoes”, available on all music platforms including Spotify and Youtube. The Seattle-based band is making a statement with the hit single, inspired by Fox’s eclectic tastes, which will bring a fresh new sound to the indie music scene.

Listen to “Dancin’ Shoes” on Spotify! ( at: )

Press is already giving the single praise, Dom Vigil, of the Prelude Press wrote, “The band’s taking their love for classic rock, mixed with the vibes of Arctic Monkeys and Jack White to the next level with their newest single.

The song came together in Venice, CA, while the band was in the studio with renowned producer Aaron Edwards (RIVALS, Sick Puppies, The Cab, etc), resulting in a spooky, infectious track that evokes the dance parties of an era past, updated for the playlists of today.”

Watch “Dancin’ Shoes” Lyric Video on Youtube ( at: )

Arielle Elisabeth, of Earbuddy wrote, “Lots of people say rock and roll is dead, but Joe Fox and The Frantics probably disagree. Their rock sensibilities mix with their own sound for a wonderful blend. quite fantastic to say the least. These riffs and fast grooves are perfect for a fast drive or kick back.”

Joe Fox & The Frantics was formed in 2016 as the new pop outlet for singer/songwriter Joe Fox and producer/multi instrumentalist Aaron Edwards (The Cab, Rivals, Sick Puppies). The resulting project blends elements of Indie, Pop and British Alternative into a fresh take on indie pop. Infectious grooves and strong story-telling are combined with energetic live shows to keep fans coming back for more.

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