Commodities and Cost of Living At An All Time High Due to Inflation, One Music Marketing Company Freezes Prices
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In 2022, absurd inflation has made everything we use more ridiculously expensive. For those who deal in music marketing and social media marketing - including the all-important Spotify streaming promotions; stretching marketing budgets is now more important than ever. Nearly all Music Marketing companies that provide the paramount streaming campaigns for musical artists and podcasts are following suit with higher prices. However, we found one top Music Marketing company,, has NOT increased their prices for 2022; in fact they haven’t raised their prices for their enhanced Spotify streaming services since 2017.

In this new, faster paced music industry, you must synchronize multiple facets of marketing, promotion and advertising, simultaneously to be successful. That is exactly what does. This Spotify Promotion company offers full-fledged twelve week B2B & B2C streaming campaigns and has been in the Music Marketing business for over 30 years… highly reputable.

Their campaigns employ a total of six (6) simultaneous tactics including five (5) B2B marketing techniques including: emails sent directly to Independent Spotify Curators, emails sent to in-house Spotify Curators, manual submissions to Indie Curators that curate individual playlists, Playlist Pitching to Curators that run more than one playlist or giant follower playlists, and direct placements with high positioning on Collaborative Playlists. Plus they also address B2C marketing by posting on their various social media handles reaching over 10,000 music fans to drive traffic to their client's Spotify tracks. Check out the case studies, at , for Artists that have used their services in the past.

Watch this video, , for more info!