An apology to Almaar
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Hello! My name is Martin,

I lived in Alkmaar for some time, about four years ago, while I was painting a mural in the World Fashion Center in Amsterdam. I feel deeply embarrassed and ashamed when I think of how I behaved in your city, and can only hope I will be forgiven.

I don’t want to make excuses, but I would like to say I wasn’t in such a healthy frame of mind at the time; in fact, I would say I was completely insane.

My unusual behaviour was filmed and posted on the Internet, which led to me becoming kind of famous – but in a really disturbing way.

My blooper-stardom led to me writing a book in your city, which I have now self-published.

You can read it for free; there’s a link to it on my blog – the blog’s U.R.L is posted at the foot of this page. If it doesn’t work, you can copy this address into your U.R.L window:

My blog describes how Internet infamy has affected my life, and goes into some depth on the subject.

Dear people of Alkmaar; once again I hope you will accept my apology, and enjoy reading the book I wrote in your wonderful city, which I miss, a lot.

Merry Christmas!

Yours sincerely