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5.)There is peculiarity in the story of FEMA that emerges in the post-DHS period. Since its founding during the Carter administration in late 1970s, FEMA had flip-flopped back and forth between emphasizing a disaster response function under Democratic presidencies (Carter, Clinton) and a national security function under Republican presidencies (Reagan, Bush I). Then in the immediate post 9/11 era, under the Republican presidency and in the wake of the greatest national security threat in decades, FEMA is decisively relegated - and marginalized - to disaster response.

Construct an explanation for this peculiarity; revolve around a discussion of the policy environment of the Department of the Homeland Security, into which FEMA was re-located Why do you think he was able to make a viable bid to extent the scope of FEMA's national security responsibilities? How would the establishment of the DHS alter the policy environment for national security?