2016 Holiday Music Guide Brings You Best Rock, Jazz & More On Amazon & Elsewhere!
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Want some help figuring out what music your friends and family would like for the holidays? We’re here to help – we’ve even got free music for you to listen to while you figure it out!

Our December Holiday Music Guide has it all – something for everyone - from tweens to seniors!

On our list this year are: Debbie Williams “When Christmas Was Christmas”, Temple of the Dog “Temple of The Dog: Deluxe Edition”, Jan Daley “There’s Nothing Like Christmas”, River Oaks “River Oaks EP”, Stephen Parker “Broken Mended Fences” off of “One Step Closer to the Blue”, Wouter Kellerman “Love Language”, Abi Ann “Put A Bow On It”, The General Brothers “The General Brothers”, Deep Touch “Taunt In Me Muse”, and Mike Love “Good Vibrations: My Life As A Beach Boy”.

Have a wonderful, happy and safe holiday from Web ‘n Retail!