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Value of & Selling Old Post Magazines 0 12/9/2015
I have a copy of the SEP form November 2,1968 with a cover picture of Bob Dylan picking his guitar. Is this of any value? 0 5/23/2015
How can I determine the worht of a copy of the publication from 1986? 0 5/23/2015
Why can I not find proof of my fall 1972 copy of The Saturday Evening Post with Richard Nixon on cover. 0 9/14/2014
I have a copy of The Saturday Evening Post for fall 1972 with Richard Nixon on the front please tell me why I am not able to find any information wher... 0 9/14/2014
I need information on an article called 18 Men and a Boat written by LT. COMDR. JOHN MORRILL, U.S.N. It was posted in the December 26, 1942 issue of ... 0 3/22/2014