Suez Canal
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What is the sea level red sea and mediteranian sea 0 1/2/2016
What has been the environmental impact of the Suez Canal? 2 7/19/2015
How has conflict impacted the suez canal 0 9/15/2014
What was the effect of the closing of the Suez Canal trade route for oil from the Middle East to Europe? 0 8/10/2014
Reconstruction of the Suez Canal 1 4/10/2013
How would South Africa be affected if the Suez Canal closed 0 4/7/2013
Why is it difficult for one country in the area to plan the use of its rivers? 0 4/5/2013
What is the name of the first ship to transit the Suez Canal and who drove it? 0 10/3/2012
History of the Suez Canal 1 1/1/2011