Sodium carbonate
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I have a 55 Gal fish tank(Gold Fish) Im having a hard time raising PH using aquarium products im wondering if I used sodium carbonate would be safe f... 0 2/21/2016
How do you remove sodium carbonate from water? Thank you! 0 4/27/2015
Carrier sea shells produce sodium carbonate as the basis for other shell adhesion. Has this been studied for commercial adhesion (glue) use? 0 8/30/2014
What are the demerits of chloride content in soda ash in relation to soda lime glass 0 3/26/2014
What is the chemical equation for sodium carbonate? 0 4/7/2013
Soda lime is a carbon dioxide absorbent? 0 1/7/2013
If I had a mixture of Sodium hydrates (ie. deca, hept, and mono) how could I determine the % of each hydrate in an aqueous sample? 0 11/7/2012