Samuel Adams
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How did Adams respond to the occupation of Boston by the British? 2 9/25/2016
Where and how did samuel adams die? 0 9/27/2015
What are the 2 possible strategies that thomas hutchinson and samuel adams used to develope and improve thinking prior to taking a stand and acting ac... 0 6/10/2015
Albert einstein 0 2/26/2015
Why was samuel adams important to the american revolution 1 2/26/2015
Govenor 0 1/29/2014
What were some of Samuel Adams policies when he was governor? 0 1/29/2014
How did Adams feel about the Sugar and Stamp Acts? 1 4/10/2013
Does samuel adams support a stronger national or state government? and why with facts. 0 3/3/2013
What was Adams' role in the Boston Tea Party? 2 1/1/2011