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If you capron a rooster will it still crow? 0 4/3/2014
To other people the Rooster was a delicacy yet to him a symbol of oppression.What was this person? 0 3/21/2014
Which is the winningest fighting rooster ever? 0 10/24/2013
Which is the winningest fighting rooster? 1 10/24/2013
I have three roosters and 7 hens that are 4 months old. Last night two of the roosters got in a fight and one was killed. Should I remove the one th... 1 8/5/2013
I have a rooster that is just under a year old. Lately his crow sounds terrible. Almost like he was losing his voice. I was just wondering if this is ... 0 5/20/2013
Interested the purchase and photos of gamecocks from ireland and contacts with breeders and sellers 0 2/26/2013