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What is the present going cost of polystyrene? 0 1/31/2016
I have an insulated Raynor overhead shop door (14 ft. by 14 ft.) that uses just under 3" of Polystrene in the middle with thin steel on the inside and... 1 9/22/2015
Are there any restrictions for using polystyrene as dunnage when shipping to Germany 0 8/13/2014
Is it possible to stick polystyrene on natural substrates , like wood or bamboo ? 0 11/2/2013
Can SPRAY technology be used for making packing material with polystyrene ? 0 11/2/2013
What are the forming temperatures for polystyrene. 0 10/21/2012
Why do expanded polystyrene burn more rapidly than forms of the same polymer that have not been expanded? 0 9/22/2012