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  Subject Replies Date
Legend of Pocahontas 1 10/26/2016
Pocahontas's marriages 2 9/23/2016
Why are some scholars skeptical of the story of Pocahontas's meeting with John Smith? 2 7/19/2015
Why did she leave with John Smith? 1 5/27/2013
Why did she leave her colony? 1 5/27/2013
What type of education did Pocahontas have? 2 5/11/2013
What area did she live in in Virginia? 0 4/8/2013
what kind of building did pocahontas live in when she was living with her father, i no what it looks like just need to know the name 0 10/22/2012
Romance with John Smith 1 3/8/2012
How did Pocahontas's legend grow after her death? 2 2/5/2011