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How many famous people were there in Pieter Bruegel the Elder's family? 2 9/23/2016
What works stand to speak the best of his genius upto date? 2 8/20/2015
How did Pieter Bruegel the Elder get his 'peasant' nicknames? 2 7/18/2014
Why was Sam Houstons nick name "The Raven" 0 4/14/2014
How old was Pieter Brughel when he died? 0 4/14/2014
What style did Pieter Bruegel the Elder paint in? 2 5/13/2013
Birth Place 1 5/12/2013
Peter Brueghels meaning in the painting of the tower of babel 1 4/26/2013
What was Pieter Bruegel's dads name 0 2/21/2013
The Misanthrope 0 10/23/2012