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I have a buick v-6 3.8 enginet, it locked up on me. I need to know what v-8 engines are compatible with whats under the hood. 0 1/31/2016
How do i find out how many 1992 Supreme s convertibles were manufactured by engine, color etc? 0 1/26/2016
I've got a 1997 Cutlass Supreme sedan. A new quirk is with the transmition cutting out from 'drive'. It only happens when the car is being driven be... 0 12/16/2015
I have a late model 1971 Olds Cutlass Supreme. It's my first Olds and finding specifications on the car has been brutal. The car has a 383 Stroker GM ... 0 9/19/2015
Does a 1970 Cutlass Supreme Convertable side trim molding have a color strip? 1 9/7/2015
I have a 1974 cutlass supreme with a 455 rocket what is the correct engine color 0 5/22/2015
I have a 1994 cutlass supreme 3.4l dohc, all my gauges stopped working and when put into gear has no power and engine light comes on runs fine till pu... 0 4/22/2015
Just bought a 1991 cutlass supreme. It will start but then sometimes it will cutout. Also it won't start after it has been runnng. Was told it may ha... 0 2/27/2015
I just bought a 1997 Olds Cutlass Supreme SL. Does anyone know the best place to find an owner's manual? 2 1/9/2015
Hi,just purchased a 70 olds,supposedly w31 car,4 spd,no build sheet,is there a way i can obtain a build sheet for car,can you tell me how many of thes... 0 10/23/2014
I have a 1988 Olds Cutlass Supreme International Coupe, quad seating (front and rear buckets) 2.8L FWD rare Getrag 5-speed manual 160,000 miles all di... 0 9/16/2014
Hi, just picked up a 70 olds w31 with no build sheet,sure looks like one but how do i find out if i have the engine that belongs? The stamped on engi... 0 8/21/2014
what front seat can i use to replace 60/40 1980 olds cutlass supeme seat? 0 10/14/2012