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I have a 1995 olds Aurora that is leaking oil and coolant, any ideas as to why? 0 4/19/2016
My 2001 aurora suddenly needs to turn over 8-9 times to start,also my rpm gauge is reading high and my check engine lite came on. this all happen at t... 0 11/27/2015
Battery location for 1999 aurora 0 10/2/2015
How do you get to the light switch? have no headlights 0 5/22/2015
How many gallons of gas can an oldsmobile aurora hold? 0 3/13/2015
What years are parts compatable? I am trying to find out what other years bumper will fit on my 98. 0 2/28/2015
1999 aurora 0 10/20/2013
How many aleros were made 0 8/30/2013