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How many 1968 oldsmobile 442 convertibles had a/c? 0 11/18/2015
1994 cutlass 3.1 it appears i have a 12 volt draw when car is off disconnecting the two fusable link wires from the starte motor and then pulling th... 0 9/30/2015
1958 olds 88-4 door 0 9/20/2015
Just bought a really cherrie 1958 olds-4 door-88 what were the original colors 0 9/20/2015
I have a 2001 oldsmobile aurora im in need of a transmission does any one know what car, make model and year is interchangeable 0 5/13/2015
How to put top part of engine back on 0 4/6/2015
How many 1968 olds 98 holiday 2 door convertibles were made any help? 0 2/13/2015
1999 oldsmobile 88 have no heat plus my temp is alittle high 0 12/26/2014
I need an electric scheme for 1968 Cutless. Do you know where i can get it? Thank you very much! 0 1/28/2014
Hello, I'm hope someone can help. I have a 1946 Olds fastback two door. I'm having a problem finding a disk brake conversion kit for the fron end... 0 11/21/2013
I own a 1948 Oldsmobile Coupe, which I am turning into a street rod/custom. I am trying to find out how many coupes were produced in 1948. I have only... 0 5/29/2013
I need to know why my Traction Control light is always saying its off even when i hit the switch it still says off. but sometimes it will go out and w... 0 12/29/2012