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Q Seneca [Nero's advisor ]responded to Nero's statement that gods didn't need to concern themselves with the cost of things.{ his rebuilding of Rome... 0 10/17/2015
How did Nero die finally? 2 9/22/2015
Whats the name of the emperor he succeeded 1 4/12/2015
What was nero's favorite quote 0 11/3/2014
Using Nero 9 Trail I am having trouble adding .avi files to be burnt. Before there wa no trouble as I could go into the folder and choose the files ... 0 3/14/2014
Nero 0 2/1/2014
When did he die ? 0 2/1/2014
What were the successes of his rule as Emperor? 2 5/12/2013
What were the bitter acts of revenge that he was known for? 3 5/12/2013
Was Nero a blood Royal? 2 3/8/2012
What were the hobbies that Nero pursued while he was king? 3 1/1/2011