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1) Roughly how many stars forms the milky way and what is the estimated age of the milky way. 2)Does the earth occupy a special place in the univer... 0 12/12/2015
Force-Fields.......(Positive/Negative) 0 11/19/2015
Can it be seen from the earth? 1 8/22/2015
What larger body is the Milky Way galaxy a part of? 1 8/21/2015
What is the exact shape of the galaxy? 3 7/19/2015
How old is the Milky Way? 2 7/17/2014
Hi! Probably stupid question but .. Witch spiral arm is seen from Earth when we look at the night sky? The hazy band of white light. Is that the spira... 0 9/8/2013
Is milky way galaxy in elliptical orbit? if so do we have galactic summer and winter? how would it effect space time getting closer to galactic center... 0 3/16/2013
What is the milky way 1 2/17/2013
What is the span of the Milky Way? 2 1/3/2011