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Resistance to the original Klan 1 10/27/2016
Dont the klan know why black people dont have much? Cause they didnt have thier rights back then couldnt do nothing! But suffer! 0 10/6/2014
Didnt all colors and race God create? What made them better? Why hate blacks? Do they ever think about why they are poor? 0 10/6/2014
Why us 0 10/6/2014
Why us black people what did we do 0 10/6/2014
Political influence of the second Klan 1 7/18/2014
Creation of the Klan 1 7/18/2014
Is there any information on Edward Douglass White and Warren Harding joining the Ku Klux Klan? i really need information b4 tuesdae. my assignment is... 1 2/28/2013
The second Klan 1 3/8/2012
What were some of the Klan's activities? 2 2/6/2012