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People do not realize what Isaac Newton's third law of motion really means. 0 4/25/2018
Should we be putting all of our eggs into one temporal theory? 0 6/10/2017
Contributions to science 6 10/25/2016
What is known @ I. Newton's search for the hidden Bible codes: the discovery of deeper layers of meaning thru use of Equidistant Letter Spacing? 1 1/11/2016
When and where did Newton formulate the Universal Law of Gravitation? Why was he at this location at this time? 1 11/4/2015
Isac newton once said if i have seen futher it is by standing on shoulders of s giant what does that mean 1 9/28/2015
Was Sir Isaac Newton realy good in his studies? 0 9/2/2015
How many hrs does issac newton sleep in a day 0 8/24/2015
I am trying to find out how I am related to sir isaac mother told me I am ....her mother was blanche michael newton ....I think her dads ... 1 7/11/2015
How did Isaac Newton die? 1 6/5/2015
What race is isaac newton's 1 6/1/2015
What was Newtons version of how the universe was made? 1 4/21/2015
How the theory of newton is true E is equal to MC sqaur 0 3/3/2015
Why is Isaac Newton considered such an important figure in the ascent of science in the 18th Century? 0 1/22/2015
I am working on a paper and I need some more information regarding why Isaac Newton is considered such an important figure in the ascent of science du... 0 1/10/2015
Why did he want to know about the moon? 0 1/5/2015
Were there any groups of people who disgreed with this discovery and why? 1 10/8/2014
A few weeks back the thought came into my mind that time cannot pass slower for someone relative to me. Imagine a train speeding along at 100km/hr re... 1 8/25/2014
Explain the difference between the Secant method and False Position method 0 8/14/2014
Newton's work in mathematics 1 7/17/2014
Newton 0 7/16/2014
Why did Einstein dissagree with Isaac Newton on absolute time and space? 1 2/25/2014
What was the educational qualifications of sir newton? What was his prospect of predicting the future? Did he ever failed in his life in any of his... 1 2/21/2014
What are the criticisms of isaac newton's political thoughts 1 1/27/2014
Marraige 3 1/24/2014
Did Sir Isaac Newton Married?? 1 1/24/2014
I am having the most difficult time finding credible research in the field of Sir Isaac Newton. I'm quite intersted in his writings on the bible and h... 1 12/15/2013
Why was he so angry at libnetz for time studying cannon fire and calling the math standards calculus, and why do we still teach it as a law rather tha... 1 12/7/2013
How the work of newton described a new way to look at the cosmos. 0 10/31/2013
Why were Isaac Newton's achievements considered the high point of the Scienctific revolution? 1 8/28/2013
Newton's religious beliefs 3 5/11/2013
Newton's later life 2 4/11/2013
Newton's work in optics 4 3/7/2012
Newton as a pop culture icon 1 3/7/2012
Newton's legacy 1 2/5/2011