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My husband just had pulm embolism and on ct scan found enlarged lymph nodes did bronchoscopy and mediostonoscopy and path report showed no cancer but ... 0 12/31/2014
Can an x ray give a definite diagnosis if a person has fibroid PTB? 0 10/7/2013
If not accompanied by signs and symptoms can a granuloma considered to be non infectiou? 0 10/7/2013
Is there a way that a granuloma can be hidden in the chest x-rays? 0 10/4/2013
Are there any differences of a word granuloma from fibrosis? or will you say its the same? 0 10/4/2013
Is there a way where a granuloma can be cured and taken away on system, like if it is seen on the lungs ? 0 10/4/2013