French and Indian War
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Groth in industory 2 3/2/2016
Where would i find Braddocks battle plan at ? 1 2/10/2016
Dude 1 2/7/2016
How many people died 2 2/7/2016
What was the last major city in north America that the british captured from the french in 1760? 0 10/20/2015
What were some of the causes of the French and Indian War? 3 8/22/2015
What is the reason they had this battle and why didn't they just go!!! 1 12/7/2014
What were some battles in the french and indian war 1 10/12/2014
What American colonies participated in the French and Indian War? 0 8/27/2014
Many names for the war 2 6/16/2014
Who won the french and indian war? 1 10/23/2013
Name the governor of virginia who sparked the conflict by sending a message to the french in late 1753 0 9/2/2013
Which Indian tribes were allied with the French? 2 5/13/2013
What happen on the day of the war 0 12/15/2012
How did the outcome of the French and Indian War influence American history? 3 3/6/2012
What were some of the most important battles of this war? 2 2/4/2011