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Why does particle that has charge Q,no matter how fast it goes,always has charge Q? 0 3/26/2013
A thin rod of length 2L lies along the x axis with its center at the origin. The rod has a linear charge density given by p(x)=p0(x/L)^2 where x is t... 0 10/25/2012
A circulat ring of radius R, with a charge Q distributed uniformly over its length, lies in the y-z plane with its center at the origin. The electric ... 0 10/25/2012
Three point charges are placed along the x axis: a -40 microfarad C at x=0, a +30 microfarad C at x=0.30m, and a +5.0 microfarad at x=0.60m. What woul... 0 10/25/2012