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What nations did Charlemagne conquesr and extend the boundaries of his kingdom too? 2 10/26/2016
How many eventual children did Charlemagne have? 2 10/25/2016
Charlemagne's personal appearance 1 9/24/2016
What happened to his empire after his death? and was Europe unified? was Rome re-born? 0 10/16/2015
What is the significance of Charlemagne and his reign starting with his family’s rise to power, what happened to his vast empire. Further, analyze wh... 0 10/16/2015
What monetary reforms did Charlemagne introduce and why were they important? 2 8/22/2015
How did Charlemagne dress? 2 8/22/2015
What was Charlemagne's native language? 2 7/19/2015
Charlemagne's life 1 6/15/2014
Charlemagne's rise to power 1 4/11/2013
Is it right to say that Charlemagne had a good fashion sense 0 3/8/2012
Was Charlemagne really a Catholic saint? 2 1/3/2011
What educational reforms did Charlemagne introduce? 2 1/3/2011