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My husband is O positive and I'm A positive, we have twin daughters what would their blood type be? 0 2/28/2016
So my husband and i were wondering, my blood type is a- and his is ab+ but out daugher is o+. i asked my mother and she has o+ is there any way she wo... 0 1/21/2016
What are the other blood type possible if the mothers blood type is O and the fathers blood type is AB, other than B? 0 12/25/2015
Does one parent have to be A+ for the child to be? 0 12/21/2015
My parents are both blood type O+ and I'm curious if it is possible for their son to be blood type B-. My other brother and I are blood type O+ and I... 0 5/11/2015
Bombay phenotype 0 5/4/2015
Can a A- mom and O + dad have a ab- daughter 0 5/4/2015
Could a man with type B blood and a woman with type AB blood produce a child with O blood? 0 9/29/2014
I have blood type AB anti le a Do I need special blood if I have surgery 0 10/9/2013
Can a woman with blood type AB-Rh positive have a healthy child with a man of blood type A-Rh negative? 0 7/2/2013
What is the blood type pathophysiology? blood type treatment or management? blood type nursing care? what are the blood type family education? bl... 0 3/5/2013