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In 1976 I learned to fly in a Beechcraft Musketeer in Rochester, Minnesota. I remember the tail registration as 86L, and I know of course that it sta... 0 8/10/2018
I just purchased a A23-24 Musketeer. I'm finding it hard to find a good final approach speed. I either bang down at the end or crow hop down the runwa... 0 11/13/2014
Beech Musketeer A23 1966: looking for a KMA 20 side tone amp. 0 3/15/2014
What is the best throttle setting when entering base? Glide path shallow, full flap. 0 3/15/2014
I own a 1978 beachcraft sundowner c-23 wondering if anyone can tell me were to buy a motorized tow bar for this a/c ?.every where i check they tell me... 0 12/31/2013