Battle of Verdun
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  Subject Replies Date
Who was the Battle of Verdun fought between? 3 10/26/2016
Did any of the warring parties launch an counter offensive? 2 9/24/2016
How does it rank in the all time war casualties list? 1 9/23/2015
Who was the winner or loser of the Verdun Battle? 0 2/3/2014
Who fought in the battle of many soilders did each side lose and when did it take place? 0 2/2/2014
Battle of verdun 0 2/2/2014
Who fought in the battle of lutsk 0 11/25/2013
Where was the battle of verdun 0 11/25/2013
Reson for the Battle of Verdum? How did the battle represent how the war was being waged interms of tatics,weaponry and attitudes? Was there anythin... 0 11/12/2013
What were the casualties of the Battle of Verdun? 2 5/13/2013
Why was Verdun in particular chosen? 2 2/6/2012