Anthracite coal
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What is the difference of coal and an ore? 0 2/4/2016
What is the use of anthracite coal? 0 2/4/2016
What is the element symbol 0 10/27/2015
Does anyone know the electrical conductivity of Anthracite? And where did you find the info. Thanks, Tim 0 3/7/2015
Can there be fumes, and if so how do they effect people in the same room. 0 12/31/2014
How was Anthractite formed? 1 4/22/2014
What forms from increased temperature and pressure on anthracite coal? 0 2/3/2014
We have a vermont castings coal stove. how is the best way to keep it running all night, so we wake to a bed of hot embers? it is burning well at 11... 0 12/7/2013
Coal storage outside for storage of 4 tons. What size 'container" is needed 0 8/10/2013