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  Subject Replies Date
Djed. The history of the Ancient Egypt 1 10/9/2017
Was Papyrus found only at the banks of the Nile? 1 9/24/2016
Was there a judicial system in place in Ancient Egypt? 2 9/24/2016
How were the nubiens and the egyptians similar 0 12/13/2015
What advances in math and science helped Egyptians to build pyramids? Also what was the essential purpose of pyramids? 0 10/13/2015
What were the advancements that Ancient Egypt made during its time? 2 8/20/2015
What were the agricultural seasons that farmers followed? 2 7/19/2015
How has ancient egypt civilization affected our lifestyle today? What foods, inventions, traditions etc. do we still see and use today? 0 6/14/2015
What problems did ancient egypt farmers have 0 5/30/2015
How far to get there california? how long will it take? what is the climate like there? 0 10/24/2014
What evedence is there that the egyptians used logs to move the stones to build pyramids? 2 9/23/2014
Where was the ancient egypians locted throught there whole time periods? 0 9/21/2014
How was slavery in the old kingdom 0 9/20/2014
Can anyone help me on a paper comparing and contrasting anicent egypt and anicent mesopotamia politics and economy? 0 9/19/2014
How many kings are in ancient egypt. 0 1/25/2014
What is the relationship between the Greek letter Phi and the irrational number phy concerning the third gate of the temple at Karnak? 0 12/19/2013
The Old Kingdom 1 5/13/2013
In what units were the barter system used at the time? 2 4/11/2013
How did the barter system work? How did they measure the worth of goods? What was traded for what? 0 1/1/2013
Discuss how ideas about death and the afterlife evolved in egypt from earliest times to the end of the new kingdom. 0 12/13/2012
The Early Dynastic Period 1 3/8/2012
Egypt during the predynastic period 1 1/3/2011