Amplitude modulation
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I am confused between carrier wave and wave to be modulated. Are they the same thing? First of all why do we modulate a wave. 0 11/4/2013
Which type plot show the amplitude of a signal at a give time? 0 8/27/2013
Why is it desirable to have the modulation index of an AM signal as large as possible, without overmodulating? 1 4/11/2013
Gentlemen. An RF carrier has an amplitude of say, 50 watts (output power). If it is modulated with an AM signal of say, 100% what will th... 0 1/1/2013
How to transmit and receive large power signals using amplitude modulaion 0 12/24/2012
What is the relation between transmission bandwidth and bit error rate for Multi Amplitude Shift Keying??? 0 11/3/2012