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Are you looking distributor of ammonia in India? 1 11/14/2018
I was told that ammonia was used to clean parts of the meat used in hamburgers at McDonalds. Is it true and how harmful is it to humans? 0 11/21/2015
How can i get the pressure of ammonia in diffrent volume and tempreture 0 4/23/2015
Predict the physical state of ammonia at -50 degrees celcuis(Mp=-33 degrees celcuis ) and normal atmospheric pressure 0 7/27/2014
What is the safe temperature / pressure at which to store ammonia? (ICE PLANT / REFRIGERATION)? 0 5/19/2014
What are the properties in cow dung besides ammmonia that is responsible for it to repel insects? 0 1/4/2014
Ammonia 1 9/25/2013
why is ammonia liquid at 25 degrees C and 1 atm 0 9/25/2012