(1)   A path or track roughly blazed through wild or hilly country
(2)   Evidence pointing to a possible solution
"The police are following a promising lead"
"The trail led straight to the perpetrator"
(3)   A track or mark left by something that has passed
"There as a trail of blood"
"A tear left its trail on her cheek"


(4)   Drag loosely along a surface; allow to sweep the ground
"The toddler was trailing his pants"
"She trained her long scarf behind her"
(5)   Hang down so as to drag along the ground
"The bride's veiled trailed along the ground"
(6)   Go after with the intent to catch
"The policeman chased the mugger down the alley"
"The dog chased the rabbit"
(7)   To lag or linger behind
"But in so many other areas we still are dragging"
(8)   Move, proceed, or walk draggingly or slowly
"John trailed behind his class mates"
"The Mercedes trailed behind the horse cart"


  1. To follow behind (someone or something); to tail (someone or something).
    The hunters trailed their prey deep into the woods.
  2. To drag (something) behind on the ground.
    You'll get your coat all muddy if you trail it around like that.
  3. To leave (a trail of).
    He walked into the house, soaking wet, and trailed water all over the place.
  4. To show a trailer of (a film, TV show etc.); to release or publish a preview of (a report etc.) in advance of the full publication.
    His new film was trailed on TV last night.
    There were no surprises in this morning's much-trailed budget statement.


  1. The track followed by a hunter.
  2. A route for travel over land, especially a narrow, unpaved route for use by hikers, horse riders, etc.