(1)   Firearm that is a double-barreled smoothbore shoulder weapon for firing shot at short ranges


From shot + gun. Front passenger seat sense comes from .


  1. A gun which fires loads consisting of small metal balls, called shot, from a cartridge.
  2. The front passenger seat in a vehicle, next to the driver.
    I call shotgun! (I claim the right to sit in the passenger seat.)
  3. A one-story dwelling with no hallways or corridors, with the rooms arranged in a straight line. Mostly heard in the southern United States.
    Elvis Presley was born in a two-bedroom shotgun in Tupelo, Mississippi.
  4. A play formation in which the quarterback is a few feet behind the snapper when the ball is hiked, ideally allowing for an easier pass play.


  1. To inhale from a pipe or other smoking device, followed shortly by an exhalation into someone else’s mouth.
  2. To verbally lay claim to (something)
    I got a day off because I shotgunned it.
  3. To hit the ball directly back at the pitcher.
  4. To rapidly drink a beverage from a can by making a hole in the bottom of the can, placing the hole above one's mouth, and opening the top.


  1. Of or relating to a shotgun.
    The ground was littered with shotgun shells.
  2. Occuring as a result of the threat of force.
  3. Utilizing numerous or highly diverse means to achieve a particular result.